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  • Steen is a total professional and the most dedicated guy around. His creative ideas are infectious and always turn heads – making sure 42BELOW and BACARDI stand out from the crowd, in a super competitive market. Steen’s go-getter attitude is inspiring and I would recommend him to anyone who's up for doing things differently, pushing boundaries and making serious impact.
    — Jon Prew (Brand Manager for BACARDÍ, 42BELOW, D’USSÉ Cognac)
  • The perfect collaboration to bring vibrancy to some of our corporate spaces while expressing a playful image of beauty through art.
    — Natalie Perkov (Communications Manager for L'Oréal Australia)
  • I've worked with Steen on a number of projects with Uppercut Deluxe, the scope of which has ranged from collaborative t-shirt graphics to marketing activations and major events. You'll be hard pressed to find a more driven individual that always delivers professional work without any dramas. He's a super talented guy with big ideas and endless energy.
    — Mark McLean (Global Brand Manager for Uppercut Deluxe)
  • Steen is awesome to work with, the consummate professional Steen is guaranteed to go above and beyond on any task/campaign he collaborates on. With a unique creative style and such a strong work ethic, it's always a pleasure to work with the guy.
    — Jessica White (Senior PR Account Manager for UMM)
  • As Director of Authority Creative, I have had the pleasure of working with Steen on numerous major art projects over the last 5 years. Steen has been selected as the lead artist for the majority of our campaigns due to the quality and scale of his work. Artists of his calibre able to work large scale are rare commodities and his work ethic is like non other. To date, his works have gained outstanding attention from an international audience and a multitude of globally recognised brands. Steen's go-getter attitude has paved a way for him build a stand out name for his art and his persona in a highly competitive creative market. I am confident in saying not only will Steen continue to turn heads in the future, but he will break boundaries whilst doing so.
    — Christopher Skyner (Authority Creative)


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