Steen Jones x Doughnut Time

Not once did I ever think I'd collaborate with a "donut" company, better (and cooler) yet get to see my own limited edition donut. That was a pretty damn good start!

During the years and years of hard work, I've found to learn and love that all kinds opportunities will present themselves - most of which are within the realms of your "traditional" line of work but some, are just out there, left field and/or something that you didn't think would or could be a thing ...and just damn cool! This is for sure one of the damn cool ones.

Another couple of things that made this collaboration even cooler to me, was that aside from the fact that Doughnut Time are without a doubt leading the doughnut game (and I love donuts) (here's another reason/example why), I am/was already a huge fan of the brand. I say brand because to me, they're much more than a company that makes donuts - their branding, presence and execution to me reinforces and reflects this. It's clear that they know what they are doing across every facet and I'm confident in saying that majority of creatives worth their grain, whether they like their style or not, can still appreciate the DT brand and agree. Furthermore to the damn coolness, the collaboration would not only be first of it's kind but coincidentally, and exclusively, made for their new Fitzroy store (which you if you may or may not have read in my bio, it's my old stomping ground and where my art career really 'began') which was just the icing on the... cake (almost made a lame Dad icing on the donut joke - almost!).

Anywho, if you haven't heard of, seen or tried anything Doughnut Time yet, I don't know where the hell you've been hiding or doing with your life because they are EVERYWHERE and goddamn delicious.

Without further ado, introducing my limited edition box and 'Inner North' doughnut.

Photography: Adam Hunter / Andre Cois