Steen Jones x Uppercut Deluxe x Movember 2015

I've been a big fan of the Movember campaign and taken part every year for as long as I can remember now so this collaboration was not only a great opportunity for me as an artist but also one that I truly cared about. 

In addition to the already amazing cause and campaign, this year was a step above I feel as Uppercut Deluxe decided to gun for the world record for "The Most Cutthroat Shaves in 24 hours". In preparation for the global event, Uppercut commissioned me to design the official 'Movember 2016' tee - which would not only be worn as uniforms during the record attempt but also distributed globally to a whole bunch of big stores as additional fundraising for the charity. The design was not only to be friendly and all of that jazz, but also versatile across multiple colours, able to be used for a limited edition run of skateboards but also something that I could reference and re-create as a live activation during the event.

The 'One team, One dream' piece and concept literally came to me within 30 seconds of the initial brainstorm and I knew it was the one. Sadly due to the hectic nature of the record attempt and the packed out venue, I was too busy to take any photo's except the one below (which I took extremely hungover the next day) so it's not the best BUT hopefully gives you some idea.

Such a great activation and so pumped to play such a big part. Thanks again guys.